My Colonic Experience - Have You Even Heard of a Colonic!?

I have been sharing tidbits of my healing journey from time to time on this blog! In person, a lot of people have been saying that I look better, have more energy and they are happy to see me out and about enjoying life again! When they ask me how I got well again, I always share a long list of dietary and lifestyle changes I made. But one of the ones that gets the most questions are colonics! Have you ever heard of a colonic, also known as colon hydrotherapy? Well, don't worry because I hadn't either! This path I have been on to achieve optimal health has sure taught me a lot! LOL! 

I had been struggling to regain my health, but as you know from previous blogs, I suffered from severe constipation as a result of eating gluten when I shouldn't have been, and from all the chemicals that were in my personal care and cleaning products. But once all that was cleaned up and I was using all-natural products that I either made or purchased from Young Living (or course!!), I still struggled. It totally makes sense because if your bowels aren't moving, toxins build up and that's how I got so sick. My poor liver is still recovering! :(

Well, one day back in October when the kiddos were at school, I was going down my rabbit hole of research on good old Dr. Google, and I stumbled upon the idea of colonics.  After some research, I got up the nerve to call Lavage, a colon hydrotherapy and detox center in Montclair, NJ. Anne, the owner was so sweet and helpful and answered my 80 million questions! I went in for my first colonic in October of 2016 and from that moment on, I knew I would be getting them regularly! 

So, I tried to come up with the top 10 questions I had before I had my first colonic, which are the same questions that people always ask me! Maybe this will help you learn more about this natural, safe procedure that has literally transformed my health and greatly sped up my healing process!! 

1. What is a colonic?

A colonic is a gentle washing of the colon, or large intestine, with filtered water to effectively alleviate constipation, bloating, gas and abdominal discomfort. A therapist infuses this water into your rectum and an evacuation tube carries the waste away. 

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2. What exactly happens?

You lie down on a heated massage table, starting and ending on your left side and on your back throughout the middle of the session.  A trained therapist inserts a speculum (small piece of tubing) into your rectum and then there are 2 tubes: one that carries water in and another that carries water/waste out of your body. 

3. How long does it take?

It takes about 40-45 minutes, although I always save about 60 minutes for my session to allow time to utilize the bathroom afterwards to expel any remaining water/waste.

4. Is it painful?

Generally, it is not at all painful. I will admit that for my first few sessions, I was so constipated that it did feel super uncomfortable and a lot of pressure.  I had cramping and at times it was a little intense! If I stayed really relaxed and took some deep breathes, it helped. But now that my colon is soooo much healthier, I simply feel a little "full" from time to time, but no pain or discomfort. 

5. Why did you start going and why do you still go if you are better now?

Well, I started going since I had read that it helps flush out old waste and can help with constipation. Now I keep going firstly, because I don't want to EVER go back to feeling so bloated, uncomfortable and looking like I was 4 months pregnant! Who wants that?! But I also love colonics to help me to continue to stay on my healing journey. I often have herbs along with the water during my colonic and these herbs help to support detox, remove yeast and parasites and soothe the colon. After all my poor colon has been through from all those years of eating gluten and using chemicals unknowingly in my every day personal care products, I figured my colon can use all the support and soothing it can get! 

6. Is it gross and smelly?

I have only had "closed system" colonics. So, in my experience no, it is not smelly at all since all of the waste is carried away in the closed evacuation tubing.

7. Is it embarrassing?

No, not at all. You are covered the entire session with a heated towel in a private room and the only person present is the trained therapist. I have only had a "closed system" colonic, which is the safest and is administered completely by the therapist. So, I don't have to see or smell or touch anything! I even get to ask my therapist questions and she puts me at ease! 

8. How often are you supposed to have a colonic?

Well, that all depends on your health situation and your health goals. For me, I was super sick and toxic so I went once a week for a few weeks, then I went every other week. Gradually I stretched it to once a month. I still go once a month and can actually feel when I am due to go. I get a little bloated and afterwards I feel literally 5 pounds lighter! Never weighed myself before and after...that would be interesting!

9. Do you have to do anything special to prepare?

I stop eating and drinking (including water) 1 hour before and I usually try to remember to wear an older shirt because they massage your back (soooo relaxing) and I don't want the massage oils to stain my shirt!

10. Can you go to work after?

That's been a different answer for me depending where I was in my healing process. When I first started getting colonics, I had to go straight home and rest all day. I usually felt VERY tired and cold and slept most of the rest of the day. I had no appetite and just had broth, soup and light foods. That's how toxic I was! But now, I stop and run errands on the way home...I pass a Wholefoods, so jackpot!! :) And I have plenty of energy to go about the rest of my day. I have a normal appetite now, but I try to remember to go a little lighter that day to give my colon a break! Lots of leafy greens and I usually take a binder (between meals) to bind out any toxins stirred up!

Ok, and one bonus question!!!

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11. Where do you go for colonics?

I have only been to one place, Lavage, in Montclair, NJ. I would likely never go elsewhere because all the therapist there are so sweet, helpful and professional.  After going there for a year, I actually now help out answering phones and booking appointments one day a week! So, if you are considering getting a colonic, I highly recommend Lavage. Give them a call and you just may get me on the other end of the phone to help you book your first session! Oh, and just so you know, I am only recommending Lavage due to my positive personal experience there.  I in no way receive compensation for recommending Lavage! :)

Let me know if you have any questions! Hope you now know more about one of my secret weapons has been to regaining my health! Maybe they can help you too, or maybe you are just happy you now know what the heck colon hydrotherapy is!!

Take a minute and leave me a private comment...I'm just curious what you think and if you appreciated some of my personal experience: contact me to leave a comment

Until my next post, be well and enjoy this holiday season! 

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