Lemon Essential Oil vs Lemon Juice...which saves you money? And my top 10 uses for Lemon Oil

  1. Seasonal Discomforts: For my son, when has discomforts, I diffuse 3 drops of Young Living Lemon essential oil with 3 drops each of Lavender and Peppermint essential oils in his room at night (using a ultrasonic diffuser from Young Living, specifically made to diffuse essential oils). I also rub 1 drop each on his feet throughout the day when he has discomforts! This now is the only seasonal support he needs, and he can go play outside and enjoy the spring (or fall) too!
  2. Digestion/Immune: Add a drop of Lemon Vitality to your glass of water EVERY DAY. It not only adds AMAZING flavor, but it also purifies your water. Even more exciting, Lemon oil supports digestive health (specifically the liver-please google the importance of a healthy liver!), kidney health and the immune system! I always carry a small bottle and add to water at restaurants (it’s still icky tap water but at least it has the power of Lemon now!). I definitely pack Lemon oil when travelling, especially if going on an airplane (yucky recycled air)!
  3. Hydration support: Why, because essential oils contain oxygen and they are natural molecules like the molecules in our own bodies. This allows the essential oils to deliver the oxygen to our cells (muscles too of course). Therefore, drinking water with pure essential oils like Lemon Vitality, or especially Peppermint Vitality, prior to and during exercise helps you oxygenate the blood and muscles more efficiently! This can help you to stay better hydrated and to also exercise longer before muscle fatigue sets in! Just drink out of glass and not plastic when doing this, as essential oils can leach chemicals in plastic that you DO NOT want to be drinking!                                              Lemon Vitality™
  4. Cooking: If a recipe calls for lemon juice you can use a few drops of Lemon Vitality essential oil instead! Yummy! Think marinades, salad dressings, hummus, lemon squares, lemon drop cookies, stir fries, lemon roasted potatoes, homemade lemonade, homemade electrolyte drinks, etc!!
  5. Produce Cleanser: Simply fill your (clean) sink with filtered water and add 3-5 drops of Lemon oil. Add your fruits and veggies and let them soak a while. Rinse, dry and then store in the fridge.
  6. Natural Goo gone: A few drops of Lemon Oil on sticky surfaces works as well as (maybe better than) Goo Gone. I use this to get labels off, to get marker off a dry ease board and even to get gum out of hair!!!
  7. Grease fighter: A few drops of Lemon oil on pots, pans, dishes, stove tops, counters…you name it and grease is gone!!
  8. Natural all-purpose Cleaner: Fill a 16 oz glass spray bottle with filtered or distilled water (or ½ water and ½ vinegar) and add 8-10 drops of Lemon Essential Oil. Use on counters, or anywhere you would use your everyday household cleaner. BIG difference: NO CHEMICALS so your air in your home will be sooo much healthier and so will YOU!
  9. Stainless Steel Cleaner: Want your tea pot, pots/pans, appliances to shine…yup, you guess it…few drops of Lemon oil on your cleaning cloth and they will shine! Works on toaster ovens and inside ovens too!
  10. Bothersome throat: Add 2 drops of Lemon Vitality and raw honey to warm water and sip to soothe and make your throat so happy!

Now why would you want to use Lemon oil and not Lemon Juice? Well:

1. Lemon Juice can be too acidic for daily usage and can destroy the enamel of our teeth…yikes!

2. Lemon juice can bother some tummies for various health reasons.

3. Limonene is the key constituent that provides all the health supporting benefits and guess where the highest concentrations are found…YES, in the Lemon Oil, which is cold pressed from the rind of the lemon peel! So, for all the benefits mentioned above, you want the LEMON OIL!

4. One bottle of Lemon Vitality oil costs $6.25. This can make you 100 glass of Lemon water! How much would that cost you if you were buying organic lemons (yes, you DEFINITELY only want organic lemons…google why!!)…at my supermarket they are 99 cents each. Do you realize that means you would need to spend $50 to make your same 100 glasses of lemon water (assumes putting ½ lemon per day)!!!!!! Now think of all the other uses mentioned above, and you’ll see the value of buying Lemon Oil instead!!!

    How to you get yourself this amazing Young Living Lemon Oil:
    • Reach out to me and I’ll help you order Lemon Oil and explain how it comes as one of the 11 oils in the cost saving Young Living Starter Kit! This kit also comes with a FREE diffuser to enjoy all of your 11 oils! While I don’t fit in the box…I come with it!! LOL! I’ll be your oil mentor and teach you everything you need to know to safely and effectively enjoy all the amazing benefits of each oil! As you can see…lemon has at least 10 uses…imagine all the uses and cost savings the other 10 oils in the kit can provide!!
    • I’ll also help you understand why you only want to enjoy YOUNG LIVING oils since other brands found at local stores are adulterated, filled with chemicals and will only add more chemicals to your body! Whereas, Young Living oils are pure, effective and will help your body get chemicals OUT! No other oil company does all Young Living does, owns their own farms and distilleries and follows the revered and strict Seed to Seal process to ensure you have the very best essential oils from the WORLD LEADER!

    I hope you now know some of the amazing benefits of Lemon Essential Oil, all the money it can save you and why you need this in your daily life!! Reach out with any questions and be well! :)

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Where does TRUE happiness come from?

On this dark, dreary, cold, November Monday morning, my cuties said: “Mommy, we feel so badly for you. You don’t feel good because of the mold (again), you had a bad sleep, you’re tired, it’s raining, and we have to go to school, so you’ll be by yourself on your birthday. What a sad birthday.” As I sat there, pondering that, feeling nauseous from the terrible detox headache that kept me up all night, I realized I didn’t feel sad AT ALL! Instead, I felt an incredible INNER BLISS and FULL HEART! So, I sat both of my lovies down and said, “Mommy isn’t sad at all because true happiness comes from inside of me; it’s inside of all of us! It’s inside of each of you too! If I look outside of me at all those things you just listed, I guess I’d feel pretty down, but instead, I look inside of me! That’s where I feel love and joy and happiness! It’s the two of YOU who help me find and see that happiness every day! From the moment I met each of you, you made my heart smile and you’ve helped me to find true love and happiness inside of MYSELF!

I’m not exactly sure if they understand how profound and life changing that pearl of wisdom-that secret to life-that key to true happiness BOMB that I just dropped on their little hearts truly is!? But my hope is they will fully understand that one day because it has taken me 41 YEARS to grasp this amazing key to inner piece and happiness! Happiness really does only come from within!!

Image result for picture of love yourself

As I reflect on this past year, I realize all the hardships I endured-some VERY DIFFICULT personal “stuff,” BIG flares in my health journey due to not one but TWO major exposures to toxic mold in my home AND a stand still in my business since I had to take a MAJOR step back to focus on detoxing from the mold to regain my health. But I am so grateful all this happened because it made me slow down, rest and allowed me to spend some quality time with MYSELF! I was able to remember who I REALLY AM, and I was finally able to FEEL and express SELF-LOVE! See, I realized I was neglecting myself, like so many mammas do, and only focusing on the needs of my children. But as I surrendered the idea of being the “perfect mom,” I realized that to be present and capable of devoting the love my children deserve, I must fill MY CUP FIRST! This of course was a lengthy process to arrive at this big “a-ha” moment! I used lots of my emotional supporting essential oil blends like Surrender, as I surrendered my stress and perfectionism to God. Forgiveness oil helped me forgive myself for past choices and character flaws. Joy oil blend allowed me to enjoy the time I spend doing things that filled my heart with LOVE! Release oil blend was amazing to release all the guilt and to help me fully enjoy filling up MY cup! I wasn’t taking time away from my kids, but I instead was taking time to LOVE MYSELF, so I can be the HAPPY, loving Mom my kiddos desire and deserve!

Surrender Essential Oil

One of the most powerful blends for me has been Awaken, as I “awaken” to my “true colors” of my heart and let them “shine through” as Poppy troll learns in the movie “Trolls,” that my daughter ironically showed me just yesterday! I realized I had been dimming the colors and light of my heart because I know that not everyone agrees and resonates with my passion for a natural, organic, pure mind, body and life! But an event I was honored to be a part of this past weekend helped me to realize why being with my “tribe” is so essential! It helped me fully accept that it doesn’t matter what others think of me and there will be some who won’t want to join my in my journey. What matters is what I THINK of MYSELF and that happiness not only lies in ME, but occurs ONLY when I am true to myself and love myself! So….being with like-minded, natural health warrior mammas helped me to release the fear of letting my true colors shine!!

Image result for picture of poppy from trolls

As I write this, on my 41st Birthday, with tears of love and gratitude streaming down my face and Gratitude oil blend diffusing, I extend a HUGE THANK YOU to my crunchy mammas, to my friends, to my oil “family members,” to my parents and sister and most especially to my precious children: you are all my sunshines that shine so brightly in my heart and light up the happiness within me!

My birthday wish is for me to share my light proudly with as many people as possible, so they too can achieve true purpose, health and happiness!!

I originally had intended this to be a private journal entry, but I’ve decided to share my heart and my true self with you today as a blog! I hope something I shared touched your heart! Enjoy this beautiful day as you find your own happiness in YOUR heart and let YOUR colors shine brightly too!!!! 

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My Colonic Experience - Have You Even Heard of a Colonic!?

I have been sharing tidbits of my healing journey from time to time on this blog! In person, a lot of people have been saying that I look better, have more energy and they are happy to see me out and about enjoying life again! When they ask me how I got well again, I always share a long list of dietary and lifestyle changes I made. But one of the ones that gets the most questions are colonics! Have you ever heard of a colonic, also known as colon hydrotherapy? Well, don't worry because I hadn't either! This path I have been on to achieve optimal health has sure taught me a lot! LOL! 

I had been struggling to regain my health, but as you know from previous blogs, I suffered from severe constipation as a result of eating gluten when I shouldn't have been, and from all the chemicals that were in my personal care and cleaning products. But once all that was cleaned up and I was using all-natural products that I either made or purchased from Young Living (or course!!), I still struggled. It totally makes sense because if your bowels aren't moving, toxins build up and that's how I got so sick. My poor liver is still recovering! :(

Well, one day back in October when the kiddos were at school, I was going down my rabbit hole of research on good old Dr. Google, and I stumbled upon the idea of colonics.  After some research, I got up the nerve to call Lavage, a colon hydrotherapy and detox center in Montclair, NJ. Anne, the owner was so sweet and helpful and answered my 80 million questions! I went in for my first colonic in October of 2016 and from that moment on, I knew I would be getting them regularly! 

So, I tried to come up with the top 10 questions I had before I had my first colonic, which are the same questions that people always ask me! Maybe this will help you learn more about this natural, safe procedure that has literally transformed my health and greatly sped up my healing process!! 

1. What is a colonic?

A colonic is a gentle washing of the colon, or large intestine, with filtered water to effectively alleviate constipation, bloating, gas and abdominal discomfort. A therapist infuses this water into your rectum and an evacuation tube carries the waste away. 

Image result for free picture of happy tummy

2. What exactly happens?

You lie down on a heated massage table, starting and ending on your left side and on your back throughout the middle of the session.  A trained therapist inserts a speculum (small piece of tubing) into your rectum and then there are 2 tubes: one that carries water in and another that carries water/waste out of your body. 

3. How long does it take?

It takes about 40-45 minutes, although I always save about 60 minutes for my session to allow time to utilize the bathroom afterwards to expel any remaining water/waste.

4. Is it painful?

Generally, it is not at all painful. I will admit that for my first few sessions, I was so constipated that it did feel super uncomfortable and a lot of pressure.  I had cramping and at times it was a little intense! If I stayed really relaxed and took some deep breathes, it helped. But now that my colon is soooo much healthier, I simply feel a little "full" from time to time, but no pain or discomfort. 

5. Why did you start going and why do you still go if you are better now?

Well, I started going since I had read that it helps flush out old waste and can help with constipation. Now I keep going firstly, because I don't want to EVER go back to feeling so bloated, uncomfortable and looking like I was 4 months pregnant! Who wants that?! But I also love colonics to help me to continue to stay on my healing journey. I often have herbs along with the water during my colonic and these herbs help to support detox, remove yeast and parasites and soothe the colon. After all my poor colon has been through from all those years of eating gluten and using chemicals unknowingly in my every day personal care products, I figured my colon can use all the support and soothing it can get! 

6. Is it gross and smelly?

I have only had "closed system" colonics. So, in my experience no, it is not smelly at all since all of the waste is carried away in the closed evacuation tubing.

7. Is it embarrassing?

No, not at all. You are covered the entire session with a heated towel in a private room and the only person present is the trained therapist. I have only had a "closed system" colonic, which is the safest and is administered completely by the therapist. So, I don't have to see or smell or touch anything! I even get to ask my therapist questions and she puts me at ease! 

8. How often are you supposed to have a colonic?

Well, that all depends on your health situation and your health goals. For me, I was super sick and toxic so I went once a week for a few weeks, then I went every other week. Gradually I stretched it to once a month. I still go once a month and can actually feel when I am due to go. I get a little bloated and afterwards I feel literally 5 pounds lighter! Never weighed myself before and after...that would be interesting!

9. Do you have to do anything special to prepare?

I stop eating and drinking (including water) 1 hour before and I usually try to remember to wear an older shirt because they massage your back (soooo relaxing) and I don't want the massage oils to stain my shirt!

10. Can you go to work after?

That's been a different answer for me depending where I was in my healing process. When I first started getting colonics, I had to go straight home and rest all day. I usually felt VERY tired and cold and slept most of the rest of the day. I had no appetite and just had broth, soup and light foods. That's how toxic I was! But now, I stop and run errands on the way home...I pass a Wholefoods, so jackpot!! :) And I have plenty of energy to go about the rest of my day. I have a normal appetite now, but I try to remember to go a little lighter that day to give my colon a break! Lots of leafy greens and I usually take a binder (between meals) to bind out any toxins stirred up!

Ok, and one bonus question!!!

Image result for picture of word bonus i can reuse

11. Where do you go for colonics?

I have only been to one place, Lavage, in Montclair, NJ. I would likely never go elsewhere because all the therapist there are so sweet, helpful and professional.  After going there for a year, I actually now help out answering phones and booking appointments one day a week! So, if you are considering getting a colonic, I highly recommend Lavage. Give them a call and you just may get me on the other end of the phone to help you book your first session! Oh, and just so you know, I am only recommending Lavage due to my positive personal experience there.  I in no way receive compensation for recommending Lavage! :)

Let me know if you have any questions! Hope you now know more about one of my secret weapons has been to regaining my health! Maybe they can help you too, or maybe you are just happy you now know what the heck colon hydrotherapy is!!

Take a minute and leave me a private comment...I'm just curious what you think and if you appreciated some of my personal experience: contact me to leave a comment

Until my next post, be well and enjoy this holiday season! 

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Top 7 Tips to Optimize Your Sleep

Ok, so, have you ever had trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? Who hasn't right!?  Especially parents...we are always listening for that call in the middle of the night, especially when little ones are sick. And sleep in, nope, not when you have kids! That is a luxury of the past for this mamma!

But what I have found is that I feel so much healthier when I go to bed early and get up early! It just seems to work for me, or maybe I just tell myself that since I don't have a choice! LOL! My favorite time of day, actually is early morning when I get up to a quiet house and have a little me time to get ready for the day before the whole house is hopping! I find that to be so essential for me and I even do a little stretching/gentle yoga and meditation during this quiet time! It seems to set my mood and outlook for the day to be nice and calm!

According to Ayuveda, an ancient system of medicine, to balance the body it is best to go to sleep before 10 and rise by 6 or so! So maybe I'm on to something and not just imagining feeling better following this schedule!

But what else can we do to actually sleep at night and not just stare at the ceiling and watch the hours tick by? Well, everyone knows the basics of not exercising too close to bedtime and avoiding heavy meals, alcohol and caffeine too close to going to sleep. So, what other tricks do I use? Well, here's what I have learned, mostly through trial and error and lots of research.  I bet some of this will be COMPLETELY new info for you!

My top tips that I use to sleep soundly and all night: 

1. Light Regulation

I have found that it is essential for me to regulate when I am exposed to light and the kind of light too! I try to get lots of bright light and (if possible) sunshine first thing in the morning and throughout the day. This helps to set my "internal master clock" for being awake and alert during the day.  Just as important, I try to limit my exposure to not only bright lights within 2 hours of going to bed, but to blue light.  Blue light is emitted from light bulbs and especially devices like my TV, smart phone, tablet and computer.  It is best to avoid all screens within 2 hours of going to sleep. But if this is not possible, then the next best thing is to get a pair of blue light blocking glasses (here's a great brand) and wear them at night, especially if you are watching TV or scrolling on Facebook! You can even download this free app: flux onto your computer which actually adjusts the blue light emitted by your computer based on the time of day (so less at night and more during the day!)! It's pretty cool, check it out! 

Here's a pic of my cuties wearing their blue light blocking glasses before bed:

Another key is to have your bedroom ABSOLUTELY pitch black! Now to be honest, I didn't buy into this at first, but I figured I'd try it! So, I removed all sources of light from my bedroom, including covering all lights on alarm clocks. I also purchased room darkening shades.  When travelling, I use an inexpensive sleep mask since I can't exactly bring along my shades! Well, let me be totally honest...despite my skepticism at first, making these small, simple changes made a BIG impact on how well I slept! Darkness really is key!

2. Minimize your EMF exposure, especially at night

What is EMF? It's electromagnetic frequency that you are exposed to constantly with all the Wi-Fi and smart devices in our environment. But did you know that EMF can affect your sleep? That is why I deemed our bedroom an EMF free zone! How did I do that you ask...quite simply! First, I made a rule that no smart devices are allowed in the bedroom while we are sleeping. So that means we unplug our smart TV, we turn off the WiFi and turn off all cell phones.  We also charge phones OUTSIDE the bedroom. So many people use their phones as clocks or alarm clocks (I did) but it is soooo much better for your sleep and overall health to turn off the phone at night and use an old fashion alarm clock or better yet...wake naturally and refreshed with these tips! :)

Secondly, I invested in some EMF protection! Bet you didn't even know that was a thing! Don't worry, I didn't either until recently! I purchased simple little circular stick on "chips" that I put on my phone, iPad and iPod that block the radiation going into your body! They don't interfere with reception at all and they definitely work! I even tried to open my car with my remote key chain and if the chip is in the way, it won't unlock! That was proof enough for me! So, if you insist on putting your phone in your room at night, at least put this little sticker on there to protect you. You can get one here: Life Energy Designs

I also purchased their device that provides a HUGE protective field for pretty much your whole house (same company here's their page on the little triangle).  It is a little triangle that I keep near our router and computer. I even move it to the bedroom at night to not only block the harmful EMF, but it also claims to balance the energy. I feel like I sleep better with it in the room! It travels so easily too! Some of these little hacks really make a big difference, especially when combined!


3. Blood Sugar Regulation

This one proved to really be key for me.  Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night and not know why, only to then hear my stomach growling! I have a very fast metabolism, therefore I have to eat a balanced dinner with a decent amount of healthy carbs, protein and healthy fats so I don't have a blood sugar dip in the middle of the night! I also avoid any sugar too close to bedtime. This is especially important for my kiddos! Not only will the sugar rush prevent them from falling asleep easily, but then when their sugar crashes in the middle of the night, they will again be awakened.  So, if you must have a snack at night time, make sure it doesn't contain sugar or sugar spiking ingredients.  A cup of soothing tea like Lemon Balm is a great choice and if you need a little food, cherries can promote sleep! You can even make non-caffeinated herbal tea and put a drop of Cinnamon Vitality Oil or Slique Oil, both help to support blood sugar regulation!

4. Essential Oils and a relaxing routine

Another HUGE needle mover for me was adding in a pre-bedtime relaxing routine with Young Living Essential Oils. I add a drop of Frankincense to my nighttime moisturizer for a soothing and grounding effect.  If I shower at night I also use some Lavender Bath bombs (let me know if you'd like my recipe!) or just a drop of Lavender in my shampoo or body wash.  I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my DIFFUSER! I usually opt for Lavender and Cedarwood (2 or 3 drops of each) in my Dew Drop Diffuser.  For those of you who are oil newbies, a diffuser is a specially designed for essential oils and it safely and effectively disperses the aroma into the air and you get all the health benefits of the essential oils simply by sleeping in the same room as your diffuser! This works wonders for my kids too! They actually ask for their diffusers and they know which oils help them most! For my son, he prefers Peace & Calming and my daughter loves StressAway, which is a blend that contains Lavender, Cedarwood along with Vanilla, Lime, Ocotea and Copaiba.) 

Home Diffuser - Dew Drop Design

5. Cool bedroom

I'm sure this is a more commonly known tip, but I am always cold, so I didn't really think this would work for me. But, the key is to not make it too cool.  Optimal temps (at least for me) seem to be between 65-68 degrees! Turn down your thermostat and you may sleep a little sounder AND save a few bucks on your utility bills! For some putting Peppermint Essential Oil on their feet prior to bed helps them cool down, breathe clearly and relax. But experiment because for some, Peppermint is too stimulating at night!

6. Supplement wisely 

Ok, so this one is probably one you haven't thought of! I found that certain supplements, especially when I take them before bed, really support my sleep! One is magnesium.  I take a powdered chelated magnesium prior to going to sleep and it definitely has helped me get a great night sleep! Most of us are deficient in magnesium anyway (you may want to have a blood test to see your status) and magnesium is known to calm and relax the body and muscles, so taking it at bedtime is a win, win! 

Another issue to consider is not a well-known one and is called ammonia toxicity. Yup, I told ya I would share some tips with you that you have never heard of!!! Ammonia toxicity is a complicated situation that occurs when the body cannot clear the ammonia out that is produced from protein metabolism in the body. High levels of stress cause high ammonia levels. I have found that taking an amino acid called L-Ornithine before bed helps to reduce the ammonia levels in my body when I feel I am under stress. Helps me sleep all night and fall asleep easily as well.

7. What organ is under stress

Ok one last one for you and again, this may be a new concept for you! Did you know that all our internal organs have their own clock? If you consistently wake at a certain time each night, it can be an indication that a particular organ needs a little support! For example, I was waking every night between 3 and 5 AM for a while.  I had no idea why but I learned that is the "lung time." So, I put on some Eucalyptus Essential Oil on prior to bed for a few nights and poof...no more night waking during those hours! You can check out a past blog of mine that I wrote a bit more about the time for each organ! If you need help figuring out foods or essential oils to support your organ of concern, I'd be honored to help you learn more! I have had a lot of personal experience with this, especially with waking from 1-3 AM!

I hope these tips helped you and were different than the typical sleep recommendations we already are well aware of! I wanted you to learn some lesser known issues that can be greatly interrupting the quality of your sleep! So, I hope you implement some things that help you or your children! Share with me what worked or maybe you have a tip that I didn't mention! I'd love to hear from you! Reach out: Contact me even if it's just to say hi!

Sweet dreams!

sources: https://www.curejoy.com/content/best-time-to-sleep...




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My 5 Favorite Essential Oils to Support Oral Health

I didn't realize how much our oral health effects our overall health until I started doing some research. So, this was my next "rabbit hole" I explored on my quest to get to the bottom of my health issues! As you know from my previous blog post, I started by flipping over my toothpaste and sure enough, there was a poison warning. Why would I want to put something in my mouth or worse, my children's mouths', twice a day that contained poisons....right there on the label....POISONS! Suddenly my tried and true whitening toothpaste was nothing to smile about. Read that post here if you missed it: top 5 chemicals to avoid in our personal care products

What's a Mom to do? Research, research, research and of course Young Living to the rescue, ONCE AGAIN! Their oral care line is not only all natural, with no poison warning or toxic chemicals, but they instead contain essential oils to actually SUPPORT oral health! Phew...one less toxic product in our home and they even make a kids' toothpaste! Here's some info for you so you too can learn why I love these products so much and trust them for my family:

I even now use their dental floss! Did you know that conventional dental floss contains a non-stick chemical that helps it slide easier-a chemical also in Teflon pans...yup, you put that in your MOUTH! Yikes! Even worse, a recent study by Emory University Rollins School of Public Health shows that this chemical is linked to thyroid disease.  WHAT?  You think you are doing a good thing by flossing and really you can be putting a harmful chemical into your body that may contribute to thyroid issues...now who nowadays doesn't have issues with their thyroid..I know I do and so do female members of my family! YIKES.  See how these chemicals are hidden in things we use every day and see how they can unknowingly harm our health? Don't be scared, be empowered and make better choices for the products you and your family use! I am sure glad I learned this! Knowledge is power!! :)

Well, the next thing I stumbled upon for amazing oral health is oil pulling! Every heard of it or tried it? It's really simple to do, yet HIGHLY effective at supporting oral health and helping to get icky stuff out of your teeth, mouth and body! See, toxins accumulate and are stored in our gums, leading to gum disease, body wide inflammation and disease. In fact, 66% of adults over the age of 30 have some form of active gum disease and 60% of 15 year olds have gum disease! Since the mouth is an integral part of the body, gum disease can cause body wide inflammation, immune problems, pregnancy complications, cardiovascular disease and even cancer...so this is what opened my eyes to understand how important oral health is! So, the more toxins you can remove from your body and mouth, the better off you will be! That's where oil pulling comes in!

Read about the specifics below, but I have found that adding a drop of Young Living Vitality Essential Oil kicks things up a notch! Just 1 drop of the essential oil is all you need, as they are extremely concentrated and potent! My favorite oils to use are below and I always rotate which oil I use so my body doesn't get too use to one oil...like to keep my cells guessing!! 

So, what exactly do these essential oils do for our oral health? Well, first off, they help to support the body's inflammatory response. Any time we can help the body lower inflammation, we are helping the body heal itself and protect itself from poor health. Secondly, the essential oils support a healthy immune response.  This is so key because we need a strong immune system to help deal with the bacteria in our mouths and gums! Plus, anytime you are using an essential oil, it is one less chemical you are being exposed to. We want to reduce our toxin exposure as much as possible so we can give our bodies and mouths a chance to be healthy!

Here are some specific ways each of my 5 favorite essential oils for oral health can support your healthy mouth:

Want white teeth? Everyone stops me and asks how I keep my teeth so white...OK, I'll let you in on my secret: I use a drop of Orange Vitality or Lemon Vitality Essential Oil (again, switch it up once and a while) to naturally support my pearly whites!! That's it...simple right, and no whitening procedures/strips/chemicals! Best part, one bottle of the Orange Vitality Oil is only $6! That gives you 100 days of whitening power! And you thought my secret would be expensive, didn't you!!! :)

To learn more about how to support your oral health and keep that smile looking its best, you may want to read Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel.  In this book, he talks about how diet (mainly sugar and grains) play a HUGE part in our oral health. He stresses certain healthy fats as key to preventing oral issues.  Weston Price is another one to google to learn more on the effects of nutrition on oral health. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I am a big believer in the power of nutrition and my family and I eat gluten, dairy and sugar free for many reasons! Catch up here by reading why we cut out gluten!

And if you want to fall in love with the natural products I shared that my family and I use daily, please contact me or click here...jennifercaggiano.marketingscents.com and I'll teach you how to get started on your wellness journey! The more chemicals you kick out of your life, the less toxins you will have building up in your body and gums. I want you to feel great and keep smiling for many, many more years, so take the time to learn the importance of reducing your chemical exposure and supporting your oral health! You are worth it and your kids are worth it...I'm sure you agree! So, until my next post, turn over that toothpaste label and toss it! Replace it NOW and you'll thank yourself later!

sources: http://askthedentist.com/floss-thyroid-danger/




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