So, I decided to share my health story

Ok, so I'm breaking out of my comfort zone here by sharing something personal about myself. I am usually a very private person, but I have come to realize that if I share my health journey here on my blog, maybe someone reading it will relate to something I have gone through and it can help them! My whole mission in life is to help others and I know I learned a lot and had aha moments from reading other peoples' blogs and health stories! So, my hope in sharing this over the course of many blog posts is to help someone figure out their own health issues!

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My main health symptom that has plagued me my entire life has been constipation...ok, so you can already see why I haven't really shared this story! From a young child on, no matter how much fruit I ate or how much water I drank, I just couldn't go! And with that of course comes discomfort, bloating...I sometimes use to look like I was 4 months pregnant just because I couldn't go to the bathroom for days. It was embarrassing, being a skinny girl and having this big, bloated belly. I would also get irritable and even depressed for constantly feeling like that. The most frustrating part was whenever I went to see a doctor, I was told the typical "eat more fiber, drink more water, exercise" advice. My gastroenterologist told me I had IBS and it was just something I was going to have to learn to live with. Not exactly comforting, nor helpful. I felt so alone and hopeless. 

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Would you believe that the only time I did not suffer from this condition was during both of my pregnancies! Now how weird am I? Most women struggle with that symptom only during pregnancy and here I am the complete opposite! So, that gave me the clue that there is a hormonal link to my symptoms.

Then in 2010, after I had my daughter, I was told by her pediatrician to cut gluten and dairy out of my diet to help with her colic symptoms. Of course I did and kept it out the entire rest of the time I nursed her since it seemed to help her.  When my daughter eventually weaned off nursing, I didn't think anything of it to add gluten and dairy back into my diet since it was affecting her, not me...or so I thought. But boy was I wrong!  I instantly felt terrible...worse than ever...bloated, headaches, tired, irritable, random skin issues (pimple like rash on face), foggy brain (like I couldn't think clearly) and of course constipated beyond words. I was shocked. I was never once told that my diet could have anything to do with my symptoms. See, traditionally trained doctors are given a few hours of nutrition training in all their  years of med school. Whereas functional medicine doctors receive 100's of hours of nutrition training.  I now am addicted to listening to natural online health summits that have hours and hours of free talks by functional medical docs and naturopaths. I have learned so much about how much food affects our health. Food either decreases inflammation or increases inflammation and the worst inflammatory food...yup, you guessed it: Wheat!

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Gluten is basically like "glue" that holds foods together. For those of you who are not familiar, gluten is defined by the FDA as any type of wheat, rye, barley, or crossbreeds of these grains. So, going "gluten free" can mean eliminating only these grains. But in reality, every grain has "gluten." For example, there is gluten in rice, corn and oats.  I found through trial and error that I feel best on a grain-free diet.  The only exceptions are quinoa and buckwheat, which I tolerate well and enjoy as a source of B vitamins.

So, through this whole process, I learned how inflammatory gluten is to our gut lining and how it causes a cascade of health issues, including something called "leaky gut." This can then lead to autoimmune disease. Well, unfortunately all those years of eating gluten did exactly that to me.  I was unofficially diagnosed with Celiac Disease, a disease in which the little villi of the intestines are damaged and no longer function properly if at all. (by the way, I say unofficially diagnosed because I was already off gluten for several months and my doctor and I agreed that putting me back on gluten again would likely make me so sick, that I would end up in the hospital). So, this damaged intestinal lining prevented my body from absorbing nutrients. It finally made sense to me how I always seemed hungry, craved things like crackers, bread and pasta and ate more than my father! Yet, I have always been underweight!

So, I started to follow a very strict gluten free diet. But I had no idea how hard this could be to learn because gluten hides in so many foods that you would never suspect! It can be in salad dressing, soy sauce, gum, chicken broth, seasonings and spices, candy, you name it! And that's only the food items. Gluten can also be in personal care products (think toothpaste, mouth wash, dental floss, shampoo, lotion, make up), the adhesive on envelopes and stamps and even in vitamins and medications! It was quite a learning experience and if anyone needs help learning how to eliminate all the sources of gluten from their diet and life, please feel free to reach out!

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I'll never forget the day I went gluten free permanently: October 8th, 2011! A life-changing day for me that ranks up there with the birth of my children!  I noticed immediately how much better I felt and how my bathroom habits were more normal! At the same time, to lessen the chances of cross-contamination, I replaced many kitchen gadgets...yup, a pain to have to throw out perfectly good stuff, but I couldn't risk getting sick again. It takes a spec of gluten that the human eye can't see to make a person with Celiac or sever gluten sensitivity sick. So, I replaced cutting boards, wooden spoons, our toaster, colanders and put my entire family on a gluten free lifestyle! My son was 4 at the time and at first he asked for bread and his usual cereal, pasta and snacks. But luckily, it wasn't that hard to convince him that he is much healthier not eating these foods that make everyone sick, not just those with Celiac or gluten sensitivity. It creates sometimes silent symptoms and sometimes they can be completely unrelated to the joint pain, depression, anxiety, weight issues, thyroid issues, adrenal issues, immune problems like allergies and asthma and so much more. 

Like everything in life, I believe things happen for a reason. So, I am actually grateful I found out that I feel so much better without gluten in my diet. Plus, this now forces me to feed my family "real, whole foods." We eat mainly lean, properly sourced poultry and grass fed meat, organic pastured eggs, wild salmon, seeds, tons of veggies, fruits and grains like quinoa and buckwheat. Sure, this means I have to cook every day and from scratch, but now there are so many restaurants that accommodate gluten free dinning out! And of course we can occasionally enjoy a gluten free snack item, cookie or piece of bread, but honestly, these foods are no healthier than their gluten containing counterparts.  (obviously except they do not contain gluten!). But select carefully because these "gluten free" alternatives are often loaded with preservatives, GMO's, tons of sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. So for anyone going gluten free for better health, I HIGHLY recommend focusing on real foods and your body will thank you, trust me!!!

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Or if you are not Celiac and want to use a much healthier, ancient form of wheat that was the kind of wheat our grandparents ate without any health issues, then you may want to try Einkorn wheat. This wheat is not hybridized like modern wheat of today and has way less gluten. It is much easier to digest, has tons more nutrition and your body can absorb the nutrients out of it! If you are interested in learning more, reach out, or check out this link (free recipe included! Enjoy): Einkorn Flour Info and recipe.  This comes in a flour, spaghetti, rotini pasta, pancake mix or granola! I can help you order any of these items (you'll need my member number) if you wish! 

Gary's True Grit Einkorn Pancake & Waffle Mix

I'll be sharing sooo much more to my story, because going gluten free improved my life and health dramatically. However, I did go through a "detox" reaction, as did both of my children. And my story has many ups and downs as I discovered that gluten was just the beginning of my issues with foods, infections and environmental influences!

So, until next  month, please contact me if you have any questions about what I shared so far! I'm here to help as many people as I can. Getting your health back is the greatest gift and if I can help someone do that, then I will feel like my mission in life is served!

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How to Actually Achieve Your Goals/Resolutions

So, a new year, new President, a new you, right! 'Tis the season to make resolutions and goals for the year, in fact, 45% of us make New Year's Resolutions.  Well I don't know about you, but it seems like I have good intentions and set my goals, only to realize that by mid January, I am no longer even trying to achieve them! Is my attention span that short, or is my motivation that low? What's a girl to do? 

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Well, I've been studying and reading a great deal about affirmations, "I Am" statements and goal setting.  I think this year I finally have a plan of action to actually accomplish my goals this year!! In fact, it's already January 20th and I'm still on track with my action plan!

This year, I am focusing a lot on my health. 2016 was a little rough and I had some bumps along my journey to be healthy (I'll share more about my journey in future blogs)! I have come a long way, but in order to feel really great, I know I have to set some goals and stick to them!

Here's how I am going to accomplish this...I finally now know why I have not been successful in the past at sticking to my goals! It's all about tricking your mind and training your subconscious mind! Sounds weird, right? I thought so to til I gave it a whirl! What do you actually works!

So, how do we do this? 

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Step 1: use positive "I AM" statements to teach your brain what you want it to believe is true! So you say your goal and begin with "I AM....." So for example, in terms of my health, I say: "I am healthy, strong and have tons of energy!" I repeat this first thing in the morning and really visualize it and get all the senses in there when I imagine myself this way. It's critical to know why this is important to me! It's all about the WHY POWER not your WILL POWER, as Kody Bateman from SendOutCards says! So I visualize myself having tons of energy and feeling great so I can run around with my kids and play with them and be that "involved, fun mommy!"  I envision feeling excitement and hearing the amazing sounds of their laughter! I envision the smell of the crisp winter air as we chase one another in the snow and the feeling of the cold air nipping at my nose! You see, the more senses and feelings you work into your visualization, the more powerful it will become for you. Picture how your life looks and how you feel when you have accomplished this goal.  So if you want to lose weight, say: "I am at my ideal body weight" and picture how your clothes feel, picture what you think about yourself when you look in the mirror, envision exactly how it would feel to be your ideal weight!

Step 2: repeat this "I AM" statement daily...write it down...any goal not written down is just a wish! So write it on a Post-it note or index card and put it where you see it often, maybe on your bathroom mirror or next to your bed so you can read it first thing in the morning and prior to going to bed! And when you say it, mean it and visualize it clearly! If you continue to visualize this, you will literally trick your brain into thinking this is already happening.  What you think, feel and send out is what you receive. It's a powerful tool called manifesting, using the Law of Attraction! So use your imagination and dream it...dream it big!

Step 3: Create habits and rituals to do daily to accomplish your goals AND always remember why you are doing the ritual or habit! There's that WHY POWER again! So for me, my WHY is my kids (usually is!) I also want to teach them that Mommy takes care of herself so they learn to take care of themselves too! :)

Here's some rituals I'm doing in my morning routine to continue my goal to be healthy (of course in between getting my kids on the bus on time!):

  1. 5-10 minutes meditation and Gratitude. I try to think of 3 specific things I'm grateful for. This sets my mind to thinking positively. I also read my "I AM" statements while smelling essential oils...usually a blend called Envision.
  2. Drink 16 Ounces of Water Upon Waking with 1 drop of Young Living's Lemon Vitality Essential Oil and 1 dropper of Ancient Minerals (adds minerals back to your body). This also flushes out toxins, supports digestion, and of course hydrates you.
  3. 5 Minutes of stretching/yoga to get me ready to face my day. I smell or apply Frankincense or StressAway oil while I do this.
  4. Drink a healthy, nutrient-rich green smoothie or a bowl of hot organic quinoa flakes (with sea salt and pumpkin seed oil) and some soaked pumpkin seeds on the side.
  5. Apply EndoFlex Essential Oil for thyroid and adrenal support and DiGize Essential Oil Blend for digestive support
  6. Exercise for 30-60 minutes (sometimes it's yoga, pilates, weights...I change it up) I usually smell or diffuse Peppermint Oil while I exercise to support lung function and endurance.
  7. Read or listen to something motivational for 15 minutes. A self-development book or audio or I love Darren Hardey's daily motivation email
  8. Use Abundance Essential Oil and review my daily goals and then do tasks to accomplish my daily goals. Motivation Oil is another great choice!
  9. Check email/post on FB and make calls for my business

I like to "bookend my day" as Darren Hardy recommends by ending my day with another set of rituals:

1. Read for 15-30 minutes (again, something motivational or self-development)

2. prayer/gratitude after putting on Lavender or Frankincense Oil on my temples and/or in my diffuser (I often add Cedarwood to the diffuser)

3. deep belly breathing and asleep by 10 PM the very latest!

Image result for picture of daily rituals by darren hardy

Step 4: Deal with blocks, set backs and challenges:

Now of course there are blocks we encounter that prevent us from doing our daily rituals which halts our process. To overcome my mental blocks, I use something called the Aroma Freedom Technique. This is an incredibly powerful series of steps that help to uncover negative thoughts and emotions that we don't even know we have that are preventing us from achieving our goals. During this process, you use essential oils to relax and locate these negative thoughts and feelings. You then experience the feeling (sometimes intensely), until your body/mind processes it.  Then lastly, you replace that negative thought pattern with a positive, productive "I Am" statement that you repeat daily while smelling a specific oil connected to that statement. Combining essential oils with I AM statements makes them so much more effective since essential oils work on the subconscious brain...the exact part of the brain we are trying to train to think positively and allow us to achieve our goals! I love this Technique so much, that I have incorporated it into the classes I teach so others can learn to overcome emotions and thoughts that are holding them back from achieving their highest potential!

So, how do you accomplish your goals this year...follow this and you'll be amazed:

-Continuously visualize your goal and state it in the present tense, using an I AM statement, such as "I AM at my ideal weight." or "I am living comfortably with plenty of money to enjoy life."

-Take action daily to achieve your rituals that you can incorporate into your routine....write it down on your planner if you have to, but make sure you do your action steps daily.

-If you find yourself forgetting to do your I AM statements or failing to do your daily action steps, ask yourself me and I'll teach you the Aroma Freedom Technique so you can work through any repressed negative feelings or negative self talk!

You can do it, you can do anything you put your mind to and visualize! Make 2017 YOUR YEAR! You are are worth can do it! Now go write your goals and let me know how you are doing with them! Let me know if there is anything I can do to keep you motivated and on track! I'd love to hear how my post inspired you...please comment and share!! I'll write future blog posts to update you on how I'm doing and we'll hold each other accountable!


The Compound Effect By Darren Hardy

Promptings by Kody Bateman

body ecology:

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Your organs each have a clock!! Here’s the best times for each daily task...


Today was my Grandpa’s birthday. I sure do miss him and his wisdom. 

He was a very private, quiet man, but he lived by the advice: “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.” He was in bed every night by 10 the latest and got up by 6 am. I’m sure he had no idea, but being in bed before 10 is ideal for your body’s circadian rhythm and organ detox! In fact, according to Donna Gates (an Advanced Fellow with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine), each organ has a clock and detoxes during specific times.

Did you know that the blood vessels and lymph system work hard between 9 pm and 11 pm and the gall bladder rejuvenates itself between 11 pm and 1 am, while the liver eliminates toxins from 1:00 am -3:00 am. So, one of the key reasons to be in bed by 10 the latest like my Grandpa is so that your key detox systems can properly function!

And it is so essential to make your room super dark to allow all your glands and organs to function optimally. I think I am driving my poor husband nuts trying to accomplish this! I cover all the clocks, block the light from the monitors from my kids’ room and we put in room darkening shades! I even wear blue blocking glasses 2 hours before bed since the blue light interferes with the circadian rhythm and sleep cycles! My kids laugh at me and play that 80’s song - I Wear My Sunglasses (At Night)! But I’ve been doing a great deal of work on healing myself naturally, specifically my adrenals and thyroid. I feel like this attempt to sleep in total darkness has helped me a lot by getting restorative, deep sleep!

Ok, now back to my Grandpa…once he woke up he would eat breakfast (he never skipped this important meal!). I agree and eat breakfast every day, but I do things a bit different than Grandpa! You see, I’ll go backwards and fill you in on my story in future blogs, but I can’t eat gluten due to Celiac’s Disease. So, I skip Grandpa’s wheat flakes cereal, sprinkled with wheat germ!

Instead, I wake up and drink lots of filtered water (I’ll do a future post on how I selected my water filter and why!). In my water, I add a drop of pure Lemon Vitality Essential Oil and dropper of liquid minerals. This not only tasted so refreshing from the lemon essential oil, but it acts to detox and re-mineralize my body. You see, our bodies dehydrate overnight and the best way to replenish and hydrate the organs and cells is to flood them with minerals and water! This is because the large intestines work hard between 5 am and 7 am, so hydration and “using the bathroom” during this time frame is key!

For breakfast, I find that a light, liquid breakfast makes me feel best! Science apparently agrees with me since the stomach repairs during 7 am and 9 am, so it doesn’t need a big, heavy meal. In fact, things like eggs and breakfast meats are hard to digest and act to make the body more acidic if eaten alone. Overnight your body becomes super acidic, so the best thing to do is make it more alkaline with a tasty alkaline smoothie or veggie juice! Or if you enjoy eggs, just simply add some alkalizing greens to your eggs or on the side like some sautéed kale or spinach!

I like to make a smoothie with cucumbers, parsley or mint, romaine lettuce or cooked kale (raw kale is tough on the thyroid), some cinnamon, some healthy fat (you can do avocado, coconut oil or even olive oil) and some Celitic sea salt. You can add in a banana or some organic berries too. Blend this up and enjoy! I also have a little pumpkin seeds sprinkled with cinnamon for some protein. But I soak the seeds first (usually for a minimum of 24 hours) to remove the phytic acid and reduce the oxalate load…these are fancy terms for harmful components of nuts and seeds that are reduced dramatically when they are soaked and/or sprouted!

I enjoy this with my digestive enzymes, multi vitamin and either a probiotic or a little side of fermented veggies! The veggies (that I make myself) contain a powerful array of probiotics that help to maintain proper gut flora!

I got to thinking even more about how our organs each have a clock and learned the lungs are the first to wake and repair between 3 am and 5 am. Some people wake and cough a lot and this is because the lungs are one of your detox organs and they are working to loosen and expel toxins! I try to do some slow, deep breathes first thing in the morning to help the lungs do their detox thing!

I also discovered that the heart repairs between 11 am and 1 pm. In fact, apparently 70% of heart attacks occur during this repair time! So, it is best to take it easy, sit down for a relaxed, balanced lunch and even take a nap like Europeans do at midday!

And the best time to work out…between 9 am and 11 am is when I prefer and my organs’ clocks seem to agree! The spleen repairs during this time and your body uses enzymes to get energy out of food, making this the ideal time to do your most physically demanding tasks like exercising!

So, to feel your absolute best, try going to bed the same time (ideally by 10) in a super dark room, getting up the same time (even on weekends) and drinking lots of re-mineralized lemon water upon waking. Then, eat a light but nutritious breakfast smoothie!

Like my Grandpa, maybe you’ll too be “healthy, wealthy and wise!” I love you Grandpa...miss you today and always!

(If you are interested in any of the specific supplements or products I mentioned, please contact me and I’d be happy to share where I get them from!)


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Must Have Essentials for Winter Wellness

Wow, I can't believe the holidays are here already! Don't know if you would agree, but I feel like this year seemed to fly by! So, now how do we not just survive the fall and winter months, but THRIVE? We all want our kids (and ourselves!) to feel great all season long with no health issues, but how? Well, I'm going to share with you what I consider to be MUST HAVE ESSENTIALS for WINTER WELLNESS!! Here's what to consider to stay above that wellness line and feel healthy and vital all winter long:

Of course, we all know the importance of getting the proper sleep (I’ll give you some tips and ideas to ensure you and your kids are getting your Zzz’s in a moment), eating balanced meals (especially protein, fiber and healthy fats at breakfast) and staying well hydrated. But there are some other key things you can do to give you the edge this season.

Thieves Essential Oil: This oil blend is an absolute must have to stay above the wellness line. This is one of the top selling blends from Young Living (remember, I only recommend YL essential oils due to their purity and all YL does to ensure the health supporting constituents are present in each drop of their precious oils). The name was inspired by a legend of 4 15 Century French thieves who made a blend of clove, rosemary and other spices to support their immunity while robbing from the ill. Thieves Essential oil is based on this amazing story and we use it EVERY DAY to feel healthy and amazing! It supports healthy immune function and may contribute to overall wellness! 

I put a drop on the bottom of my feet and my kids' feet every morning! If someone feels like they are not feeling right, they we put it on more frequently, diffuse 5 drops or so of Thieves in their diffuser in their room at night and I often diffuse Thieves in a common living space, like the kitchen, so no one shares anything unwanted with the rest of the fam!! How easy is that...just rubbing an oil on your feet for amazing immune support! What a difference it has made in our immunity!

Thieves Essential Oil

You can even put a drop or 2 of Thieves Vitality (white label which indicates it is designed for internal consumption) in an empty veggie capsule and take it as a supplement (fill rest of the capsule with organic olive oil or other organic cooking oil). I love to add one drop to a cup of warm water as a part of a wellness regimen. Sometimes I even get creative and add a drop of Thieves Vitality to food or beverages to enhance the flavor and get your immune support too! I've made what my kids call "Christmas oatmeal" (Thieves smells and tastes so good-cinnamon, Christmas!)! Or you can put Thieves in Rice pudding...yum!

For a super potent Immune booster roll on put Young Living Oregano Oil and Thieves Oil and a carrier oil (ex. fractioned coconut oil, sweet almond oil) in roll on bottle and put on morning and night to stay above the wellness line during the fall and winter months!

Want to have this immune boost in a capsule so you can easily take on the worries, Young Living has you covered: Inner Defense! This is basically a capsule of my "immune booster roll on" recipe. It has Thieves and Oregano along with Thyme and Lemongrass Essential Oils to reinforce systemic defenses, create an unfriendly terrain for yeast/fungus and promote healthy respiratory function! Soooo key to have on hand when the weather is cold and our bodies are stressed by lots of stuff!!

Inner Defense

Do you know how important your gut is for your immune function? Well, over 2/3 of your immune system lies in your gut, so the key to staying health is to make sure your gut is happy and balanced! So you can give it some love with:

    1. Probiotics -put back the beneficial bacteria that are essential for gut health. But not any old store bought probiotic will do.  You want to take the best of the best, called Life 9 that is amazing for both adults and kids. For kids you can take the probiotic out of the capsule an sprinkle half onto food or stir into yogurt.  Life 9™ is a super high-potency that combines 17 billion live cultures from 9 beneficial bacteria strains that promotes healthy digestion, supports gut health, and helps maintain normal intestinal function for overall support of a healthy immune system.* This is key to take daily to give gut a chance to maintain a healthy immune system.
    2. Digestive enzymes-soooooo key to making sure we absorb the nutrients out of the foods we eat. Young Living makes several for adults. One amzaing one is: Essentialzymes-4 which is specially formulated to aid the digestion of dietary fats, proteins, fiber and carbs. My kids even take enzymes! I want to ensure that their little bodies are able to use all the nutrients in the healthy foods I try to feed them! Theirs is called KidScents® MightyZyme which is all-natural, vegetarian chewable tablets.  MightyZyme chewables address each of the digestive needs of growing little bodies and it even helps my kids if they feel gassy or bloated after a big meal!

So, what do you do to support your health if you do come down with something this winter?  No worries, I've got you covered! If you're feeling like you need some respiratory support, a great choice is Breathe Again Roll On! This contains 4 powerful varieties of eucalyptus essential oils plus several others in a convenient roll on applicator to make it easy to apply to the head, neck or chest or even right under the nose! It's amazing!

Breathe Again Roll-On

If you also want to diffuse an oil blend to support your airways and breathe easy, you can put a few drops of R.C. or Raven in your Young Living Diffuser! Sometimes we dilute one of these blends and apply to the bottom of the feet and/or chest before bedtime! So effective to help the kiddos sleep when they are stuffy or in need of airway support!

Or what if you have one of those annoying coughs that doesn't want to ever go away or a sore throat (I'm such a baby when it comes to sore throats!)...well, Thieves® Cough Drops offers comfort by relieving coughs, soothing sore throats, and cooling nasal passages. These are sooo good...minty and sweet but they don't contain any processed sugar, dyes, artificial flavors, or preservatives!! Instead, they have Young Living’s pure, essential oils like Thieves and menthol from peppermint. Make sure you have some handy in your bag or next to your bed at night so they’re always close by when you need to soothe.

Thieves Essential Oil Infused Cough Drops

And of course you know how important sleep is to stay healthy and feel your best, but how do we get a good night sleep without popping habit forming sleep aids? Essential oils are the answer of course! I LOVE the combo of Cedarwood and Lavender in my diffuser at night! I go out like a light and don't wake til morning! For my kiddos, I love SleepyIze essential oil blend which can be diffused at bedtime to promote relaxation and restful sleep. It contains Lavender and Valerian essential oils, known to help put kids into a peaceful sleep in minutes! This momma is very thankful for a diffuser in each of my cuties rooms!

Last, but not least, I can not possibly write a blog about feeling healthy and supporting your immune system without giving props to NingXia Red! This superfruit drink is the bomb! It seriously blows my mind at the amount of nutrition for the whole body in this liquid drink! It literally nourishes every cell in your body with just 1 or 2 ounces a day! It tastes amazing and my kids LOVE it! You can drink it straight like my kids do, you can add it to other beverages like water or fruit juices or you can make into gummies (kids LOVE these) or even ice pops in the summer! The ways to enjoy it are endless and so are the benefits! NingXia supports the immune system, promotes heart, brain and eye health and even gives you natural energy! If you want to make just ONE POSITIVE CHANGE in your health, then add in 1 or 2 ounces of NingXia Red to your daily diet! Trust me, you'll be amazed!

NingXia Red

So, there you have it! If you add in the above ideas and combine them with healthy foods, lots of water, daily movement and you catch your z's, I think you'll be feeling awesome all season!! Let me know if you have any questions or would like to obtain any of these amazing immune supporting essential oils and oil in fused products! I love them all and would be honored to help you get started on your wellness journey with Young Living! 

Cheers to a healthy season for you and your family! :) 

P.S. Watch for my next blog post about emotional support with essential oils! The holidays can be stressful, but it's all about how we manage and process our emotions and stress that matter! So I'll be blogging all about how to chill and manage stress, anger, guilt and so much more next! Wouldn't that be an awesome gift to give yourself...emotional release and to feel truly happy!

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Travel tips and must haves for packing, especially for planes and especially for Disney!

Summertime...means lots fun in the sun and for lots of us, summer means travel! Who doesn't love to get away from it all and just relax with your family and friends? We recently went on an amazing trip to Disney-first time for my children! We had an absolute blast and have countless memories that will last a lifetime! Disney really is the most magical and happiest place on earth! Our favorites were Thunder Mountain, Buzz Light Year ride, Chef Mickey's Character Buffet and the Garden Grill Restaurant (the only rotating AND character dining experience in Disney)!


And of course we took many of our Young Living oils and oil-infused products with us! So many people asked me how we used our oils to prepare for our trip, how we packed them for airport security and how we used them in Disney, so I decided to share all this with you here in my blog!

Prior to travel:

Anytime you travel, be sure to take extra Life 5 (a powerful probiotic from Young Living).  This will build up the healthy bacteria in your gut that can easily be thrown out of whack when you travel, eat differently and are on a different schedule.  This is especially true if you are going to places like Mexico!

Also, we made sure to drink extra NingXia Red a week before our trip. NingXia Red is a powerful antioxidant super fruit beverage from Young Living that supports your immune system and every system of your body! We wanted our digestive systems (where a majority of your immune system actually is!) and our immune systems to be in peak performance to help us stay feeling great our entire trip!

It comes in these convenient individual packets that are amazing for travel because you want to be sure to drink NingXia every day while away to keep your energy levels high and of course keep your immunity strong!

How to Pack:

Ok, so it's been a while since I travelled on a plane and I forgot all those annoying rules for packing your carry on. So, here are some tips to make it easy on you:

First of all, Young Living did all the work for you with their specifically designed Bon Voyage travel kit to fit those regulations and make it easy to take Young Living necessities on the road. The kit includes 10 travel-sized Young Living personal care products: Thieves® AromaBright Toothpaste, Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier, Thieves Dental Floss, Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash, Young Living branded Toothbrush, Lavender Shampoo, Lavender Conditioner, Cinnamint Lip Balm, Morning Start™ Bath & Shower Gel, and Genesis™ Hand & Body Lotion!! How perfect is that! All of course chemical free and amazing AND in the right size for taking on a plane! Easy peasy!! :)

How to Pack Oils:

I just pack them in a quart sized Ziploc baggie and took in my carry on bag so I had them handy to use on the plane or in the airport as we needed them! This way the oils were treated as any other liquid in 3 oz. (or smaller) container.

Ok, so here's what we brought in addition to the Bon Voyage kit, NingXia Red and Life 5 and how we used each:

Peppermint: Since Peppermint Essential Oil is so supportive of the digestive system, we used this to keep tummy issues at bay from the motion/turbulence on the plane.  We put a drop of Peppermint on our wrists and felt great! You can even smell it from the bottle or on a cotton ball during a flight or car ride. Ginger can also be supportive but we prefer Peppermint!

Peppermint diluted behind the ears helped to keep the kids' ears feeling comfortable too! I diluted it with some coconut oil and added some Lavender too! No issues, PHEW! 

We also used several drops of Peppermint in a glass 2 ounce spray bottle to spritz our necks to instantly cool down in the 115 heat index! Wow did it help! It felt like someone had an ice cube on my neck! So refreshing. I now take that to parks and on walks or anytime I'm roasting and need to cool down! 

RC-to breathe easily all flight long, despite the yucky, dry recycled air that can really dry out your nose and make breathing icky! We sniffed this a couple of times and our noses were very happy! In fact, my daughter got a little stuffy from the dry air at night from the air conditioning. So a drop or 2 of RC diluted on her feet was all she needed! This oil is amazing for respiratory support!

PanAway-for any aches and discomforts from sitting so much. This really came in handy when my hubby and I had sore backs from carrying super heavy bags at the parks all day! We rubbed some of this blend on our tired muscles diluted with some coconut oil before bed and we woke up ready to go the next day! PanAway contains Wintergreen and other amazing essential oils to support discomforts! LOVE IT! Great to use anytime you do lots of walking or activity on vacay (or any time)!

Peace and Calming and Stress Away™ -we used LOTS of these blends to keep us all calm and relaxed during the flight especially for the kids since it was their first flight and we had some turbulence. Not to mention the 4 hour delay! I kept everyone calm and kept that crankies at bay with lots of these 2 oils! :)

Valor II-this one really helped my son, who is a nervous traveler. Valor II helps by giving you confidence and courage! Worked for him like a charm! We usually use Valor but since Gary Young, the founder of Young Living was so accommodating, he made Valor II as an amazing substitute when Valor is out of stock in the summer months! (oils are plants, so of course they have a growing season. I love how Young Living is so incredibly honest and transparent. They would never create an oil in a lab just to keep it in stock. Instead, Gary came up with a very similar blend using plants that are in season in the summer! One of the many reasons why I only trust Young Living oils for my family! No short cuts taken and no chemically created oils! Just pure plant love!! :)

Lemon-I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Lemon Vitality Essential Oil in my water every morning. The kids do too and it helped to give the strange tasting Florida water a better flavor! We took stainless steel water bottles for this since you don't want to put essential oils in plastic (leaches the chemicals out of the plastic and into your water, yuck!). Flavoring the water helped the kids enjoy drinking more, so I didn't have to worry about them dehydrating in the heat.

To Stay Clean and Healthy on the Plane and at the Parks in Disney Here is What We Used:

  • One Inner Defense™ capsule the morning before traveling and up to four additional capsules throughout the rest of the day. This amazing supplement from Young Living has essential oils such as Oregano, Thyme, and Thieves blend, to support normal immunity.* (Just take this far apart from your Life 5. It is recommended to take Life 5 8 hours later so the oils don't affect the probiotics.
  • Whenever we didn't have a sink and soap nearby, we pulled out the Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier in the Bon Voyage kit. I love how it is all natural and actually supports healthy skin instead of drying it out with alcohol like conventional hand sanitizers do!
  • Thieves Spray -to spray the airplane trays before the kids used them for snack time!
  • Thieves Essential Oil Blend: we all put this on our on feet before getting on the plane so we did not have to worry about anyone sneezing and coughing around us in the lovely recycled plane air! In fact, someone stopped me and asked why we all smelled like Christmas! I explained how the Thieves Oil helps to support our immune system naturally and keeps us above the wellness line so we can feel great and enjoy our vacation! They were fascinated by that health supporting benefit from something as simple as rubbing an oil on your feet!!!
  • Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia): I took this along just in case anyone got a scrape or boo-boo! Tea tree is very cleansing and supportive of skin health and I made sure I had it with me at all times! Luckily, no one pulled any tricks on me!

Other must haves:

Of course, don't forget your Travel Fan Diffuser or use cotton balls with a few drops of Thieves or Purification for hotel your room. These oils will give you the immune support you need while travelling and being on the go. We brought Lavender and Cedarwood oils to diffuse at night, but we were all so exhausted that we didn't even need the calming benefits to sleep!

LavadDerm Cooling Mist-so cooling and makes your skin feel nice and cool and soothed after long days in the sun


Slique Chocolate Coated Bars-incredilbe to take on a plane or long car ride! These bars are high in fiber and protein and help fill you up and give you the energy you need without any preservatives or icky ingredients in traditional snack/protein bars! 

Organic Dried Wolfberries-my kids LOVE snacking on these amazing sweet snacks from nature! I love how they are powerful antioxidants and they are actually what NingXia Red is made from! It gives the kids tons of nutrients and minerals! I actually made a trail mix with Wolfberries, organic raisins, organic pumpkin seeds and organic brown rice puffed cereal. They loved it and it gave them the energy they needed to walk non-stop all day long through the parks in Disney! 

So, those are all the travel MUST HAVES that I HIGHLY recommend you make sure you pack on your next trip! Did I leave out any of your favorites? Leave a comment and let me know! I hope you enjoy your summer vacation and feel calm, healthy and comfortable with these tips! Bon Voyage! Safe trip!

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